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Your gifts and talents can make an amazing difference in the life of the church and it would be our pleasure to serve alongside you. At Highway Tabernacle, we want to share the Love of Jesus with everyone that walks through our doors. God uses willing-hearted volunteers to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people every year!

Get the Details on Serving


How do I begin Serving?

Taking the first step is the most important – this is done by signing up to attend the Next Steps Class. At the Next Steprs Class you will learn more about the history of the church, where the church is going, and our vision for serving the church through volunteer ministry opportunities! To find out more or sign up contact the church office at (Click Here)


How do I find out what Volunteer Team opportunities are available?

Volunteer opportunities are limitless!! From hosting our guests each week as they arrive on our campus to serving at the café, to our children’s ministries, and student ministries, there is a place for you. We can help you find the place where you feel comfortable and were you can make the greatest impact!


What is the time commitment?

Each volunteer ministry team provides multiple opportunities to serve allowing you to find a time that works best for you. With our weekly service, midweek family night, and several special events throughout the year, there is absolutely a ministry opportunity that will work for you.


Join the Volunteer Team

Highway Tabernacle is full of dedicated people who sacrifice their time and effort to create a sense of “Welcome Home” for everyone who walks through our doors. We want to invite you to join the friendly and inviting members of our volunteer teams!

What to Expect as a Volunteer

Every role at Highway Tabernacle is different. That's what makes volunteering worth it! You can operate in the area where you feel most gifted or interested. You can always expect there to be a process in place to equip and train you, as well as a designated leader who can answer all of your questions.


Take the Next Step to Becoming a Volunteer

The Next Steps Class is a great way to get connected at Highway. You will learn all about your church, your God, yourself, and how you fit into ministry. These classes are a wonderful training for all volunteers. It will better equip you to serve where you feel called. Whether it’s childcare, hosting, production, mentoring, or leadership, you won’t regret getting involved at Highway Tabernacle and seeing God use you to change lives!

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