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Providing compassionate care to individuals facing hospitalization, surgeries or loss is important to the pastoral staff of Highway Tabernacle. We also offer limited confidential, Christian Counseling to individuals, couples and families who are facing challenges in life. Our goal is to empower people of all ages to live life by biblical standards, first, by listening to their needs and then following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that your faith would be in the healing power of God and that He would grow and strengthen you in your situation.


Counseling Intake Agreement


Nature of Counseling

The Counseling Ministry at Highway Tabernacle is by its nature pastoral. Since it is our purpose that your faith be in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men, we make no profession of being professional counselors or therapists. Our counsel would be considered: "admonishing people" according to the principles of Scriptures as we listen to your needs and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Counseling Plan

We are willing to offer such a biblical guidance counseling for a maximum of one intake session and three one on one sessions so long as it is apparent that you are willingly seeking God and participating in such ministries that are readily available in the church including: *Worship Services,*Prayer Meetings, etc.


Conditions for Counseling

Our counseling ministry is primarily offered for those who attend Highway Tabernacle and as such, you are a part of our pastoral care and will receive counseling at no charge. Those not attending our church may receive one intake session and one further session at no cost and from then on will be asked to pay $50.00 per session up front for up to two more sessions so long as it can be shown that the above ministry conditions are met within their own church's ministry.


Confidentiality Policy

Information given in counseling will be considered confidential within the counseling office unless it is clearly perceived that there is active or intended:








"I have read and understand the foregoing document which sets forth the NATURE OF COUNSELING, COUNSELING PLAN, CONDITIONS OF COUNSELING, AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY of Higway Tabernacle. I understand that this counseling session and further counseling sessions are being videotaped, but are not audio recorded. I understand that I am free to ask any questions about the contents of this document and I either have no questions, or my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I hereby consent to the contents of the foregoing document, and recognize the confidentiality conditions of my communication with any counselor associated with Highway Tabernacle under the three exceptional circumstances stated above.

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